“I Just Wanted To Let You Know That


     "I can feel a difference on the reels, rollers etc... I check all my units at least once a week on the bench. The grease does not spill out, it stays tacky. Spinning the reels you can just tell a difference. I took apart a reel and roller today that I have been using the SWEPCO grease on since they were new, I DON’T THINK I EVER HAVE TO BUY BEARINGS AGAIN."  Hector V

     “I've been using SWEPCO 103 for many many years, and the first thing I noticed was how well it "stays put". No more thinned out, over heated grease oozing out of rollers, with your Super on your back about grease on greens. An interesting side affect of SWEPCO is the way it "crusts over" if some does work it's way out of a grease cavity or out of a lift bale bushing ,etc. It will crust over in the open air, creating sort of a second seal to keep water, dirt, and debris from passing by. Another thing, and the most important, is the way it totally dispels water. That was probably the biggest, most important thing I first noticed. Soon after installing it in the rollers of my mowers, I was re-greasing one day, and noticed crystal clear water coming out past the seals on the front rollers. So I kept pumping, and soon SWEPCO started coming out, the same color and viscosity it was when I first installed it, with absolutely no water having penetrated it.  

     That said, bearing failures due to lack of grease, or contaminated grease are a thing of the past in my shop. That's why I use SWEPCO, and have for a long time. I love bragging the stuff up, and would even if Greg wasn't selling it; he just gave me the opportunity to do it one more time." Bob Q                                                                                             

“I’ve started my third facility on SWEPCO products, and they are great!” Skip

“We started using SWEPCO 105 grease 10 years ago, I have seen a huge reduction in reel and roller bearing replacement since. Even "problem" bearings such as pull frame rollers, water pump style, and rear rollers have been lasting close to 800 hours. I tried several different greases over the years with the same result, bearing rust. These greases are barium based, versus lithium, which might have something to do with the ability to deal with water. All I know is it works great.” Chad B

“I started using SWEPCO 10 yrs ago and it was one of the best moves I have made in my 30 year mechanical career. If I would have got a hold of this stuff way back when I would lay dimes betting I would still have some of that equipment I used to own. All my rollers and bearings are on there third year of use, I used to replace these twice a season. And I have a very good PM schedule. Reel bearings, second season. That doesn't just happen by mistake on all 24 reels at once. After reading this there should be no reason for you to look any further. No bull, just fact. Stick with Greg and he will steer you in the right direction for your application.” Steve G